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What is GeoBlock?

GeoBlock is a data management company, specializing in upstream gold production analytics. 

Our goal is to reduce global volume of illegally mined gold and to bring transparency into one of the most obscure businesses on our planet.


Gold's Big Challenge

Artisanal gold mining is one of the most obscure businesses on our planet. For several reasons. In addition, it is insufficiently understood in modern society. GeoBlock can show you how it is so difficult to provide thorough transparency.

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Founding Story

We founded GeoBlock because we developed a specific solution to a widespread problem: To be able to objectively prove that a materal originates from the former geology. 

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GeoBlock's Solution

GeoBlock's Fast Fingerprint Verification combines modern data science, statistics and artificial intelligence with geophysics, geochemistry and geology. It is fast and fully implementable with minimal premiums.

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Database counter

This is the current number of georeferenced and corrected reference samples available in the GeoBlock database for inter-mine variability estimation.

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