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GeoBlock works with handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, which have the advantage of being extremely fast. Using the GeoBlock software for processing, boreholes can be analysed in real time, potentially at a faster rate than the drilling itself. Having immediate access to multi-element data, allows for drastically more efficient drilling campaigns.


The same procedure works for outcrops or prospection shafts.


Geochemical mapping

No matter if working with subterranian mines, outcrops or drilling cores - GeoBlock delivers the geochemical analysis corrected and analysed in form of GIS compatible layers, csv's or images.

We work alongside exploration geologists or structural geologists to add quantitative data to their studies in real time in the field.

Modelling and Efficiency optimization

May it be mine efficiency modelling, waste evaluation or mining potential - we can help you.


As an example, the image on the right is a result of calculating the highest probability to find gold based on 4500 georeferenced samples. This is valuable information when planning and developing a gold mine.

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