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Active analysis on database

Have your data ready at all times: transparent and secured

Whenever you need your data to manually validate a delivery you can get your matching percentage in a few clicks. Whenever you need to check the processing chain of a mine, you will have it ready in easily comprehensive graphs.

Make laborious checks on fair gold bar's legitimacy obsolete

Extensive background checks on fair trade, legal acquisition, legal mining and other standards can be a nuisance and very time consuming. Using our database, you have all data ready to be sent in minutes.

Have your gold standards captured in numbers

A problem in gold trading is the displaying and validity of gold's origin - most of the data used as proof these days is subjective or incomplete. Owning numbers of each step of each metal acquired delivers an objective, gap-closing overview of your property.

Optimize and diversify your portfolio

Knowing this data from all your partnering or owned mines allows to you do macro management - to optimize your portfolio. Check which mines deliver what purity over the long run. Check which areas optimize their doré in a certain way. Diversify your portfolio by partnering with new, smaller mines by adding them to our chain.

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